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I'm so excited to offer You new type of newborn session- FRESH 48. Not 100% sure what a fresh 48 session entails? Check out the FAQ below that answers all of the most common questions!


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What exactly are Fresh 48 Sessions?

Fresh 48 sessions are in-hospital lifestyle newborn sessions. We document baby’s first moments after their arrival. Baby has their first portrait taken and we capture all of the perfect little details of their tiny body.  

What is the best time for a Fresh 48?

Fresh 48 sessions are done within the first 24-48 hours after birth. I can come to a Glasgow & Renfrewshire  area hospital or birthing center the day of the birth (depending on availability and time of delivery).

How long does the session typically last?

Fresh 48 sessions are typically 45-60 minutes. We understand that birth can be an exhausting (but rewarding!) journey. Because of this, we try to limit sessions to 60 minutes and then let parents get back to resting and enjoying their new baby.

Do you provide any props or setups?

Due to the lifestyle nature of the session, we do not use any props. These sessions are meant to focus on documenting the bond between baby and parent and documenting the brand newness of your baby. We will typically use the hospitals bassinet, the traditional pink and blue swaddle blanket, and mom’s bed.

Are Fresh 48 sessions the same as your Birth Story sessions?

Fresh 48 and Birth Story sessions are completely different. Birth Story sessions are meant to document your labor and delivery journey. . We arrive once you are laboring and photograph the delivery and first hour after. Fresh 48 sessions capture your first family portrait, baby’s first portrait, the bond between parent and child, and all the sweet details of baby.

Do you only hold Fresh 48 sessions at hospitals?

No! A Fresh 48 can be done at any Glasgow & Renfrewshire  area hospital, birthing center, or your home (if you have a home birth.  ( up to 15 miles travel free of charge )

When should I schedule my Fresh 48 session?

It is best to schedule 2-3 months before your due date. I accept a limited number of these sessions each month, so it is important that you schedule early.

How much are Fresh 48 sessions?

Fresh 48 sessions are GBP210. Your investment includes the session time, my talent, tips & skills,  15 digital images and  15 beautiful prints in size 6x9''in beautiful hand made box. 


Are you ready to schedule your baby's Fresh 48 session? Use the form  below to hold your baby's spot.